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"Make Your Memories Last Forever"
Don't throw away your roses!  Made to order, these hand rolled beads are made from rose petals. I use rose petals from your special occasion; Wedding, Anniversary, Funeral, Graduation, Baptism, Mother's Day, Birthday, First Communion, First Date, etc., to make beads.  Then the beads are fashioned into necklaces, bracelets, earrings, keychains, bookmarks or rosaries.  I am also working on adding a simple Angel Christmas ornament.  If there is something special you would like that is not listed here, ask, we'll discuss the possibility! 
The customized jewelry will provide you with a special keepsake that will last years.  Be sure to read the page "about" to find out why and how I got started.  The beads in the shadow box that my grandmother made were made around 1930.

 Just send the roses from your special occasion through the mail and we'll make them into jewelry you'll wear for a lifetime.  Each order is made separately and specifically for you!