How It All Began

Several years ago, my mother came to live with my family because she was no longer able to take care of herself.  She told the story of how she and her mother gathered wild roses from the ditches. Grandmother processed the petals by cooking them in a cast iron skillet, rolled them into beads and made the beads into jewelry to wear to church.  This was during the Great Depression when there was barely food for the table let alone money for jewely; therefore, I am estimating the beads are nearly ninety years old.

Using Grandma's process as  explained by mother  but wishing to recreate the original color of the roses, I started trying different methods of making beads from rose petals.  The results are as you see on the following page.

The beads are guaranteed for life.   The additional beads from your roses may be purchased for:
5-6 mm $2, 7-9 mm $4, and 10-12mm $6 dollars each.  If you want jewelry made in the future, you will have your beads from which to use.

Your rose beads will last your lifetime, your children’s and theirs as well, truly becoming a family heirloom.  Take care of them as you would any other fine piece of jewelry; that is, handle them with care and do not wear them in water, put them away safely and polish the separator beads and chain when necessary.  Use a clean dry cloth to wipe the rose beads but do not use any cleaning products on them!