A FULL SET includes a necklace, bracelet and earrings.  Six roses are needed to make a full set using 7-9 mm size beads.  Red roses take nine roses per full set.  Necklaces and bracelets have sixteen beads each hand strung on silk cord and knotted like fine pearls.  If you would prefer more or fewer beads to signify a special anniversary or birthday, for example, the fifteenth or twentieth, the number of beads can be changed to suit your occasion.  Additional beads are priced per the size of the bead:  5-6 mm $2, 7-9 mm $4, and 10-12 mm $6 each.  The jewelry is separated every four beads with either a smooth round bead or a Swarovski crystal rondelle.  There are three styles to choose from; 1) separator beads only, 2) separator beads and one crystal rondelle, or 3) three crystal rondelles.  Necklaces are 18" long and bracelets are either 7", 71/2" or 8".  Indicate your choice of length on the order form. 

Earrings can be made with either two beads separated by a crystal rondelle, with one bead and a separator bead or one bead with a crystal and a separator bead.  I do not make stud earrings due to the fact that the beads are skewered on a bead pin to dry which would leave an exposed hole; not attractive in my opinion.  I use a fishhook style earring and can snug the bead up close to the ear which customers have found pleasing.

Key chains have seven 9 mm beads, one for each day of the week and can be used as a prayer chain. Suspended at the bottom is a silver cross.  Three roses are needed to make a key chain, bookmark or ornament.

Rosaries have fifty-three Hail Mary 8 mm beads with six double capped Our Father beads which are 10 mm in size.  The rosaries have a specialty cross or you can provide one of your choice.  Unfortunately, styles from my supplier change therefore the crosses differ from rosary to rosary.  The rosaries are hand knotted with silk cord and require at least a dozen roses of one color for the Hail Mary beads and a second color for the Our Father beads.

*Due to the time involved in making the beads, a minimum order of $50 is required.  If you would like to purchase a pair of earrings now, the remaining $25 will be used toward your next purchase.  See the Order Form for prices if you wish to buy beads only.