Shipping Instructions

  • I prefer to begin working on the roses ASAP!!!!  Surely you have seen white roses that have dried over time, they turn brown - ughhh!

  • When you send them fresh, wrap the rose buds in paper towels - NO BAGGIES!
       I cannot stress this enough.  The roses will mold and become unusable which is sad             for you and me.

  • Dry the rose petals by hanging them upside down from a hanger or lay the roses out on a clean cloth or paper towel.  Enclose the paper towel in a bubble shipping envelope or a small box. 

  • Send an email to: for the shipping address.  All correspondence will be done via email.  Everything has to be in writing so WE are on the same page.  This way I can send you an email when I receive the roses, when they are rolled and a picture of them before they are made into jewelry.

• Also, enclose a bank cashier's check, money order or make a Paypal for 50% of             the cost of your order plus shipping and handling.  Once the check has cleared,                    processing the roses will begin.  It takes approximately 6-8 weeks from the time                   processing begins until a finished product is complete.  The larger the order, the                   longer it takes to complete because of the quantity of the rose product.  For example,            if you send me three dozen roses, it will take at least 12-16 weeks to complete.

• You will be emailed when your order is complete.  At that time the remaining 50%             due must be sent.

• Your jewelry will be sent to you via insured US Postal Priority Mail to insure its                  safety.  An email upon receipt would be appreciated.

• Satisfaction Guaranteed.